Ossicle Hearing Clinic - Kelowna

Hello and Welcome!

We are a new initiative in hearing care for all ages including tinnitus treatment using proprietary protocols, many different treatments and technology for all ages.

When you arrive at the stunning oasis we call Ossicle, we are confident that you’ll see the difference: how we approach you, testing, treatment and technology including pricing differently, and celebrate the world of sound and your ability to truly enjoy it, whether you’re just starting out or have been using hearing aids for some time.

Let us know if you need a hearing test, second opinion, redo of your current aids or want new devices. Our tinnitus treatment is one of a kind and works. Our paediatric program is a complete testing and treatment facility from birth to adulthood.

We are Ossicle Hearing and are a new alternative to hearing care in the Interior of BC.

Our core values make us different; we believe you deserve the best outcomes for the best price; we believe hearing aids should be affordable; we believe there’s a lot more to hearing health than you might expect. We offer a different approach to hearing assessments, treatments and technology.

This site will give you more information about us, our services, plenty of resources you may find interesting!

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