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Your Free Local Kelowna Hearing Coach.

If you’re looking for Kelowna hearing aids, hearing tests, and anything to do with hearing, ask Markus, your local Doctor of Audiology to help you with the process to get the most bang for your buck. He’s a consumer advocate, university instructor emeritus, past public health audiologist and specialist in audiology. Experience a free consultation for yourself and decide whether it was worth getting his input on your hearing loss journey!

Free Access to a local Doctor of Audiology with experience, education and expertise.

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There’s a lot of noise out there about hearing care, what you should buy, what biases are out there, and things consumers should know. Perhaps you need help with insurance or claim application or appeal paperwork or just want a second opinion. You’re welcome!

When you’re ready to take the next step, call Dr. Markus Hilbert, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology and turn off the marketing hype and get the straight talk about you and your care to corroborate what you’ve been advised by a provider or to give you more food for thought. 

Dr. Markus Hilbert, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology

Honest, To the Point Advice, Information and Advocacy, my Pro Bono contribution to the community.

Since 1997, Dr. Markus Hilbert, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology has been delivering high-quality, personalized audiological care in private and public settings, and providing care that is unique and often beyond traditional providers. If you’re a first-time patient, please get in touch to schedule your initial consultation. If you’re a patient from another provider, free services also apply to you! Get your devices checked, reprogrammed, retested and hear better!

Dr. Hilbert, Au.D, provides independent online, tele-health and in-person consults. He is also affiliated with Pardon Me Hearing in Kelowna, for whom he provides clinical services including free, thorough assessments. Pardon Me Hearing the only provider that is independent and charges thousands of dollars less than the competition for the same Kelowna hearing aids.

Dr. Markus Hilbert, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology is also available for community presentations as part of a consumer advocacy outreach initiative.

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What REAL people are saying…


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I had the most excellent care and thorough examination with Dr. Hilbert, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology. I would highly recommend this free consultation…which was WAY more than I ever imagined. Dr. Hilbert, Au.D. was incredibly meticulous, ran more tests than I had anticipated, and had the most state of the art equipment to give me way more information than I had dreamed. He concluded the visit with an extremely fascinating deduction of how my tinnitus has come about, and gave me so many options for my next steps. It was a truly awesome education about my hearing, how the ear works, and so much more. There are many places in Kelowna offering free hearing tests, however, I can’t recommend Dr. Hilbert, Au.D. more, as he’s the only one who does a complete and free consultation and truly takes the time to really understand your overall health and other factors that contribute to hearing issues. I couldn’t believe it was free of charge! TEN STARS! Thank you!

Audrey Henderson

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Are you looking to get your hearing checked? Before you do I hope you read this. I am now on my third set of hearing aids. The first set did nothing more than amplify the sound. The second pair needed repair and would cost me $600 for one new battery and would not be repairable after 6 months. It was time for new ones. The price I was quoted was outrageous and unaffordable! So, I began shopping around. Luckily for me, I found Dr. Hilbert, Au.D., a hearing care clinician that wants people to hear when they walk out their door. I was tested and fitted and have never looked back. I have been hearing sounds that I had forgotten about. Dr. Hilbert, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology is amazing. He explained everything clearly, showed me the test results that were more detailed than I had ever seen before and made a mold to fit my ears. The end of this story is that I can hear, everything, in my car, in restaurants, on the tv for half of the price I was quoted at another hearing clinic. I would encourage and recommend everyone who is having problems to visit this clinic.  You won’t be disappointed.

Brenda Jones

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My wife Judith and I would like to thank you for the excellent service and care we received from you at your office on Sutherland Avenue in Kelowna, B.C. We were warmly welcomed and then, Dr. Hilbert, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology, carried out a thorough ‘intake’ with each of us to learn more about our concerns with our hearing. He then carefully explained each step of his Audiology assessment with us so we understood what precisely he was checking.  In the hearing booth, we heard a range of sounds and living situations ( busy restaurants with plates and cutlery noises in the background and other scenarios where we ‘listened’ to soft spoken voices with very little distracting background noise). In carrying out this detailed assessment, Dr. Hilbert, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology was able to assess the best hearing aids for our particular circumstances. My wife and I have different hearing aids because we had different hearing needs. It was this careful attention to our individual circumstances that we very much appreciated. When it was time to pick up our hearing aids, we received a full ‘orientation’ to the new devices including the Bluetooth feature that lets us answer our iPhone calls through the hearing aid. We especially like this feature. Two weeks after receiving our hearing aids we had a follow up appointment to check our ‘lived experience’ day-to-day with the new hearing aids and assess whether any settings needed to be recalibrated. Thank you again for the excellent care and service. We have already recommended you to relatives and friends!

George Webster

This is NOT too good to be true so…

Why free?

Here’s why:

Dr. Hilbert, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology has been doing this for 28 years and knows that the experience of care and standard of care will vary based on provider, credentials of clinician, technologies recommended and fit, and not only hearing loss, but the combined gestalt of nerve loss, hearing in noise deficits and tinnitus. You have nothing to lose with a free consult with a Doctor of Audiology that will give you the straight talk without selling you anything. 

Everyone offers something free but with strings attached, we don’t

No strings here. Although Dr. Hilbert, Au.D. works with Pardon Me Hearing his free consultations are unbiased, independent and valuable. Patients say that even if they’ve been to other providers, they learn something new and get fresh perspective after speaking with Dr. Hilbert, Au.D. so let Markus be your actually free partner in your hearing loss journey.

Clearing through the information overload

There’s lots of info out there, you are being sold on one thing or another, and likely not from a Doctor of Audiology. Additional experience and education matters. Get a clear head to clear yours. There’s lots of info you may not be aware of:

Spend well, invest wisely

Hearing Care has become expensive and it’s hard to know which product and provider are truly the best. Before you buy and invest in hearing aids, get the attention to your care you deserve. Let Dr. Hilbert, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology advocate for you. It’s free and you can get the hearing aids wherever you want knowing you have all the information to make the best decision for yourself. 

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Does your hearing care provider have these credentials?

Dr. Markus Hilbert, BA, MS, Au.D., RAUD, RHIP, AiB-VAM

Doctor of Audiology


Certified by the American Board of Audiology
International Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology

Certified in Cerumen Management – CSHBC
Certified in Vestibular Assessment and Management – CSHBC and the American Institute of Balance
Certified in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy – TRTA
Phonak ROGER Certified
Widex ZEN Certified
Certified in US Military Evaluations – VES


People who have hearing aids and aren’t wearing them


People with hearing loss, tinnitus or both


People who need hearing aids and don’t have them
In the Heart of Kelowna

Come visit with Markus!

Free Consults are Scheduled Independently Mondays to Fridays on the phone, video call or in-person. 778-215-4989 1551 Sutherland Avenue, Unit 3

Markus’ office is at the Pardon Me hearing aids Kelowna store. However, this service does not require you to be a patient of Pardon Me Hearing now or ever. All options will be disclosed to you and you get to make the decision where you obtain your hearing care.